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the cedar chest, letters, and writing instruments

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

As I spend my time searching for the next treasure, I start to wonder about myself. Why can’t I just clean out this cedar chest, throw away the clothes, pens, letters, and ephemera from the 1930’s and move on.

Why did I stumble upon her letters, and wanted research her life?

Nan was a very cute bright-eyed brunette, she graduated college in 1938 and moved back home to Richmond, Va to begin her career.

Yes, I found a picture of her on a date, who her father was, and when he purchased the home I bought my treasure.

Nan saved special clothing, love letters, certificates, graduation cards, and all of her writing instruments in this chest.

The 14k gold nib of a fountain pen is worth more than I paid for the chest . But, I can’t throw them away.

writing instruments circa 1930

I tend to fall in love with my characters, and I need to know more about them. The chest and its contents belong together. They began their relationship in approximately 1976, and no one noticed since. Until, Wednesday, May 13, 2015.

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