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John is a well-known artist who lives here in RVA. He is an accomplished portrait artist and painter of local and regional landscapes. 


He is a devoted and driven artist who works on multiple projects at one time, juggling commissions, personal work, and plein air. In his landscape paintings, he often travels with his art supplies, sketchbook, and camera to the location, collecting soil samples to use in the painting. He will often do multiple oil studies just to make sure the image has the right 'look' and feel to it. It's rare that the final piece is the first one he painted. He most likely painted multiple studies just to get that one.


He has traveled all over the world both as a former military and civilian. He's lived and worked in Alaska, Iraq, Egypt and Dubai, and traveled to Ireland, Germany and London. He has a Communications Degree from John Tyler and a background in graphic design from the United States Army.


He has taught private lessons, social painting classes, and is also a published author. Most of his books and short stories can be found on Amazon. Feel free to take a look around and email if you have any questions. 

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