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I am Kelly Adams - I would say I’m the owner of the shop, but I’m not. The artists we represent are the real owners, I’m just a conduit to bring their work to our customers. I’m surrounded by what I love. 


STUFF is located at 2910 W Moore Street, beside Moore Street Cafe. Our roots began to grow at the old Sound of Music Building on Altamont Avenue. We were nestled among an array of artists, musicians, and other local shops. This unique space was also located in Scott’s Addition, a beautiful historic district in Richmond, Virginia. The moment we walked into our building, there was positive energy everywhere! 

We have amassed a huge array of beautiful STUFF - handcrafted items from local artists [ many of the artists that create their work in the building are represented ]. We hope you'll stop by and experience this special place for yourself!


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Beauty is that which makes an individual feel positive, happy, and even grateful.

Beauty alone is not art. that which is made from the creativity of another is a timeless treasure. 

Welcome to Stuff RVA where I believe, the gift of art is visual therapy for the soul

Kelly Adams

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