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John Fluevog and Why I Adore Their Brand

My favorite brand of shoes is John Fluevog. I stumbled upon my first pair in Chicago not long after my daughter moved there. I watch their online advertising campaigns and community outreach, because that is what I do.

Their holiday gift exchange for 2022…

How they lured me in...

"Do you dream of a world where strangers blindly spread joy for the simple pursuit of putting smiles on the faces of others? Are you a kind-hearted Fluevoger who takes pride in being part of a community of unique souls?

Sign up for this ambitious and unpredictable adventure and you can be a part of the greatest (or at least the weirdest) global gift exchange the earth has ever seen! You’ll be assigned a random Fluevoger to send a gift to and you’ll receive a gift from a fellow participant! We’ll give you a few hints about your recipient, but feel free to send something one-of-a-kind (just like you)."

The Fluevoger I was assigned loves to sew, I sent her a small piece of Richmond original art and a travel pin cushion. She wrote me with great thanks.

Every holiday is a difficult time for me, as my daughters both live in other parts of the country and can't always make it home. However, as I was busy with Stuff, the holiday did pass quickly - and with a few nice surprises. When I arrived at work on Wednesday the 28th there was a package waiting for me on my desk. I opened my gift from my Fluevoger friend and started to cry.

I received a hand-painted box with the most beautiful handcrafted dragon bracelet. I also received several Fluevog “Choose Love” stickers and a note from my Fluevog friend that read – “I am sorry for the delay, my grandmother passed away” which made me cry even more.

With this year's Fluevog gift exchange, you send to one friend and receive from another. I found the number of my Fluevoger friend who sent me the bracelet, called her and thanked with all of my heart.

The Fluevog brand really sets itself apart by spreading love and creativity during the holiday season. As a lifelong marketer and artist, I am incredibly impressed with the unique creativity and brand building of John Fluevog shoes. To do it in such a touching and singular way during the holiday season, well, that is something that truly makes my heart sing.

Here's to creativity in all forms, now and in the year to come.

- Kelly

"Today and everyday Fluevog says, we choose love and salute all unique souls. We choose to move forward, to embrace peculiarity, and to always walk in peace. We choose to be passionate and expressive and good, unapologetically (sorry). We walk in thankfulness, are bright with optimism and celebrate our differences.

No matter your color, colour, gender, height, religion, ethnicity, orientation or taste in music, you have a safe place to call home at Fluevog. Let us stand up, and move forward!"


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