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Artist Spotlight Greg C. Kelley

Art of one sort or another has been rolling out of mind and hands for more than 40 years. My unrelenting dedication to revealing the uncreated has led me into many disparate areas: boat designing and building, sport shoemaking, sculpture, jewelry design, layered drawings, striking photographs, revealing paintings, and revelatory performance.

In addition to my tangible art, my daily rejuvenation practice encompasses yoga breath-work, the soft practice of Tai Chi and the ongoing heart-work of shadow. I am fascinated by the connectivity between sacred geometry and the underlying mathematical unity reflected throughout nature. My unrestrained curiosity gives me permission to explore a wide range of interests as I continue to explore the fascinating core of Creativity.

Our family lineage contains great grandfather Solon H. Borglum, a successful 20th-century artist known as the "Sculptor of the Prairie'' for his powerfully sensitive sculptures of life in the American West. His Brother Gutzon Borglum, also a fiercely brilliant artist, carved the Mount Rushmore Monument, one of the best-known sculptures in the world. Their adherence to the cutting edge of creative expression in early American history gives me the courage to always push to my own inspired edge. I hold, nurture, and love my connection to the power of a unified heart and mind, and the entire magical world we collectively create and share.

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