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Ah, the view from my big window at Stuff in Scott’s Addition - how I enjoy my daily observations. I consider our studio to be at the beginning of the historic one-mile square that defines Scott's Addition. As I write this, it is July 2020. For the past four months I have watched our neighborhood change practically overnight from an expanding and flourishing trendy district, to almost a ghost town. It felt like the air had been sucked right out of our daily routine.

But lately there are signs... life is slowly coming back. Not in exactly the same form as before. To be sure, we are clearly not done with our national battle against the coronavirus. But, here in RVA, we are adapting, and learning how to live with all the changes.

From where I sit by my window, I have a clear view of Arthur Ashe Boulevard, we are near the Diamond, and I can throw a rock at the Greyhound bus station.

But what I really SEE is simply amazing.

Yesterday morning, as I was finishing my first cup of coffee, two middle aged men showed up in a Jeep, got out with skateboards, swept off Mincz Tire’s ramp, waxed the side rim, and then proceeded to skateboard! MIDDLE AGED MEN!! They entertained me for a good 30 minutes. I didn't get a good video, but I sure did enjoy a delightful display of skill and shredding.

An energetic and steady stream of people arriving at The Diamond for Opening Day of the Flying Squirrels.

My nextdoor neighbors at Class and Trash tirelessly working in the hot sun to unload unique pieces that will eventually find a new home.

The Richmond Police Mounted Unit conducting their patrols.

A visit from Officer Bland, of the 4th precinct, who checks in periodically with the me and our block.

Handsome men visiting High Point Barbershop to get their hair and beards trimmed.

Peaceful protesters walking from Monument Avenue to the Arthur Ashe Statue.

Pop-up Vintage & Makers Markets.

Outdoor photoshoots in progress for various businesses around Scott's Addition. Makeup artists, hair stylists and models all hustling.

And, lots of people with guitars coming in and out of our Sound of Music building. Our building, the building that gives me energy.

It is comforting to see activity and productivity again. But I see more than that. I see that our ability to adapt to the seriously unexpected, is amazing indeed.

On my way to see what's waiting for me.

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I love the spirit you have for your business and for the community in which you work. It comes across so clearly in your blog! Wishing you the very best for the rest of the year!

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