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Lesson 38 & 39

My natural curiosity often leads me in many directions. My recent quest was to start buying a few vintage and antique pieces for the store. Either for props or to resell. I set out on this new journey.

Some people get into the antique business because they have collected antiques for years, and now they want to start getting rid of them. But it is not as easy as it looks. What I want to stress is you have to treat buying and selling as a business and not a hobby. During this crazy time we have to watch every penny and dime. Make smart buying decisions. Think a little. haha

Lesson number 38 – when it sounds too good to be true, it is. When purchasing a mannequin for the store, I should have thought through things a little better. 4 Mannequins for $12.50.

Lesson number 39 – when purchasing an antique trunk check the lock. See if it opens. You can’t use it or sell it if you can’t open it. Yes, I did it, locked trunk, no key. There could be cash in there.

Oh the lessons we learn.

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