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Ceramic Hammer

The other night I was watching Craft in America, on PBS when one of the Potters said, “people don’t just bombard you to see your studio.” Well, I have to disagree with her. Our customers love to peek into the artist’s studios and see what is going on. As do I. Any chance I get to hang out and look at their work changes my entire day. It reminds me of spending time in my grandfather’s garage for days on end soldering, woodturning, or building just about anything. Ok, ok, that is another story.

Most of us in the building have Tuesdays off and we have decided to call it field trip Tuesday. Sometimes we go together and sometimes we don’t. This Tuesday I went to visit an artist I admire. Merenda Cecelia @ceramic_hammer – wow! She is described as a mother, teacher, mosaicist, potter, artist, partner, friend [ok, I should not have started that list, it’s long]. I describe her ceramics as bold but also delicate at the same time. She is inspired by the life-long work her mother and grandfather did when she was growing up.

Thank you for sharing your world with me, Merenda, I can’t wait to see you again!

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