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These Soy Wax melts are small, scented pieces of wax designed to be gently heated to release their fragrance. They're like candles without the wick, meaning that they require a wax warmer to melt and diffuse the scent. When in use, they melt entirely to create an even scent distribution.


These wax melts come in 2 oz and 5 oz packages. Wax Melts * Burn for about 4hrs at a time. * Remove all packaging before using the melts. * Ensure the area is well ventilated


* Only use wax melts; do not allow any other products in the wax pool.


* Extinguish the tea light if the flame is too big or starts to smoke


* If using an electrical wax warmer, please ensure it has a self-timer.

Holiday Scents

$8.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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