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My fascination for Scott’s Addition and the people I meet along the way.

Every day, I see a huge gray van go by, and I play a game with myself trying to figure out who drives it. When it pulled up this morning, I saw the driver and met the driver David. He is an upholsterer and has been in the area for a long time. He only likes working on furniture from the 1600s to 1800s—nothing after that and absolutely no 1900s. I actually agree with him. I gave him a tour of our building, and we had a lovely conversation.

Later, I gardened in our building’s outdoor planter; it made me happy. It was a perfectly gorgeous day, 70-something degrees, blue sky filled with billowy clouds and sunshine.

A lovely young couple in their 20s that live in the apartments across the street I have become friendly with. They are from New York City. They just welcomed Lucy, their baby girl into the world and are moving into their first home. YAY. The short visits outside are brief but so enjoyable. Present moments can be very special when we take time to appreciate them.

There were only a few guests in my shop today; one was a couple from New York. He is originally from Ireland; she from Russia. They were passing through on their way to Madison, Florida where they house their airstream. In NY, he works as a doorman. Nice Couple.

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