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R&R Journals is a collaboration between two Virginia artists who met while in school in Harrisonburg, VA. Nava Levenson and Rebecca Hurt are from the cities of Richmond and Roanoke.


Sidewalk treasures, hoarded materials, and neglected book pages are all utilized by Rebecca and incorporated into unique collaged covers which are then sent to Richmond to be bound. Nava reacts to each collaged cover with a custom stitch, often a variation on the buttonhole, long link, or Coptic binding. In the making of these journals, they become archivists and storytellers while growing a relationship as friends and collaborators. These blank journals are ideal for writers, list-makers, doodlers, and creatives of all kinds. Each journal is its own unique blend of floral, steampunk, humorous, and antiquated aesthetics.


While not journaling, Rebecca is an art educator and painter. Her large non-objective paintings are represented at The Market Gallery in downtown Roanoke. Nava is a multidisciplinary artist making interactive work about consumer culture in contemporary America. Nava has spent time at many different artist residencies, most recently Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro, NC.

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