Listen to thy self

Story No. 1

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 – Moon – Large Pink

Approximately 2 years ago, I looked at your address on WhitePages so that I could write you a letter. Since I am a subscriber of WhitePages, unbeknownst to me it sends updates on People.

Tuesday is my day off and I love nothing more than to roll around the bed and watch TV all day. Yesterday two things happened, I got an update on you and your old boss Sally’s phone number showed up on my phone.

WhitePages showed that you had a new address. The address was an apartment complex. I felt that if you had moved to an apartment something has to be wrong. So, I looked it up, got the address, and headed there. I NEVER go to short pump as there are too many people for my liking. While driving down Broad St to the apartment address I start talking to myself – out loud. I felt crazy. I said, “she has had surgery.” She might need me. I have to try to find her.

I went into the apartment complex’s office to see if they could message you, only to learn you didn’t live there.

I did try to call and it went straight to voicemail and I thought I was blocked.

I went about my errands yesterday. While eating dinner, I got your message. That is when I started to cry and reminded myself, one more time, I need to continue to listen to myself.

I have so many more stories like this.


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