Meg Morrison
in her words
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"I am an artist and freelance graphic designer based in Richmond, Virginia. 

Have you ever wondered how your banister was made?


It was made on a machine called a wood lathe. A lathe spins wood around really fast while you create shapes with your carving tool. And like your banister, all the work you see on these pages was made that way too!


A lathe is like a potter’s wheel for wood. Like carving the skin of an apple in one long slice. Like, really satisfying. Sounds nice right? It is.


Each day I enjoy turning the wood creations I see in my mind. My workshop and studio are located in Richmond, Virginia where I live with my husband and three children. As a trained graphic designer and art director, I love translating my theory of shape, form, and color into the wood.

If you'd like to contact me about custom work or carrying my goods in your store or gallery I'd love to hear from you.​"