Pronounced 'bev-ay,' it means he, she or it drinks in Italian. It's also the root of the word beverage, which is appropriate considering we launched with a single product: paper straws.

Beve provides pretty details for your events and everyday life. You'll find plenty of fun color combinations and fabric-inspired patterns and much more at Beve. We always strive to bring an environmental benefit to our products, whether they're biodegradable, reusable or made in the USA. We think pretty things for the party and for life should help keep the world pretty too!


Beve officially began in the spring of 2012 with four paper straw designs and a (very) small personal investment. Two years later, Beve has 200 products and is sold at about 100 shops across the United States and the world. We love being at small, brick and mortar shops that help support families and communities!

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